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Holiday Greeting from Pastor Craig
I hope this forced vacation away from worship has truly made our hearts grow fonder. Isn’t that what absence is supposed to do? I hope when we gather again, we will have a depth of appreciation for the simple act of gathering as the body of Christ. I hope we will sing with more sincerity, listen with more intention, and be moved by the realization of our actual spiritual connection. It has always been true you know. We are the body of Christ, sisters, and brothers from here to eternity. I hope the reunion we have next year will be long, and the casual decisions we have made in the past about worship attendance will suddenly become a passion, a thing we know we cannot, should not, will not, live without. 
Pastor Craig

Please continue to be faithful in your prayers for all nations,

communities, families and individuals most affected by the

Corona virus outbreak as well as for the medical personnel and

government officials seeking to respond. 

Our prayers are with each and every one of you. 

God Bless! 

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