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Sunday School 

We continue to use the "We Believe" curriculum at all levels. Materials for fall focused on the Old Testament, winter on Advent and spring on Lent and New Testament stories for preschool - elementary grades. The junior/senior high school class has studies on being a Presbyterian, how to study the Bible, and applying God's Word in one's life. We gather every Sunday between our worship services at 10:00 am. Our teachers are Margie Brown and Rebecca Staley. 

Children's Worship 

Children K-6th grades worship Sunday mornings at their level. With a variety of games, activities, crafts, and snacks we work our way through the Bible over a three year period. Our emphasis is showing God's faithfulness and everlasting love through the Scripture. 


During this time of sheltering in place, we continue learning together through video lessons along with take home packets complete with games and activities. 

First Presbyterian Kids &
the Big Wednesday Crew
"The Christmas Story"

March 28, 2021;

Jesus Washing Disciples' Feet

April 4, 2021;

Jesus Gets Arrested & Crucified

February 28, 2021;

Jesus' Parables; The Great Samaritan

March 7, 2021;

Jesus' Parables; On Prayer

March 14, 2021;

Jesus' Warnings of What is to Come

March 21, 2021;

Dinner at Lazarus' Home

January 31, 2021;

Jesus' Parables

February 7, 2021;

Jesus' Parables; The Prodigal Son

February 14, 2021;

Jesus' Parables; The Good Shepherd

February 21, 2021;

Jesus' Parables; Unmerciful Servant

January 3, 2021;

Story of Jesus' Birth, Part 4

January 10, 2021;

Jesus' Ministry

January 17, 2021;

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount

January 24, 2021;

What is a Parable?

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