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     Our goal is to share Christ! We meet our goal by engaging in outreach programs such as provide shelter & food to the homeless, supporting local and worldwide ministries. We meet every FIRST Sunday of the month at 10:00 am. Feel free to join our committee or contact Kathleen Gunn for information.

     One of our main missions, Turlock Gospel Mission, has been serving meals since 2008 and exists to help homeless and hurting individuals find hope and restoration in Christ! TGM offers evening meal ministry, a shelter for women and children during the cold months, and a Homeless Assistance Center, known as H.A.M. Center. TGM has been raising funds and constructing a new shelter to better accommodate the needs of our community.  In the midst of all these big changes, the TGM Board has continued to be a source of faith and encouragement to Turlock's citizens. Please consider to help to further the restoration of these relationships of the needy with God, family, and community through prayer and financial support. Please contact TGM, Kathleen Gunn, or Martin Purdy for more information.


  What an amazing trip we had  and we're already anticipating our return to Guatemala next year to         spread God's love! Our 2018 team was made up of high School, college age, and adults who not only were a blessing to   others through their mission work, but in return were blessed tenfold by spreading Christ's Love to others! We were   overjoyed when members of Grace Presbyterian Church in Lodi and members of Trinity Lutheran of Fresno joined our     team this year! Here's a follow-up on some of our experiences found on our blog and for more, please visit:   

"Craig asked us tonight in devotions if we had seen someone cry this week. Every hand went up.

Then he asked if we had seen someone cry every day. Many hands went back up.

The last question was if we had been moved to tears since arriving. 
We are working with people in extreme poverty and difficult situations. It is true we see love and joy

they extend to each other, their community, and to us. It is also true we see tears well up in their eyes

when asked what they would like us to pray for, or what they would want more than anything. Food for their family, money for the children's schooling, health and strength to work - are their answers. Our eyes fill in response.
There is some we can do to help - food sponsorship, wheelchair, house build, medicine, school sponsors -  and some we cannot do. But we can share the message of God's love, hug them, pray for them, and cry with them.  
"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."  ~ 
Marcy Wright (FPC)

"This isn’t going to be a long blog because emotions aren’t easily explained in words and the things that we have seen can’t be recreated in writing. I just want to sum up the things that I have learned or experienced. I have seen so much injustice and I just want thank God for blessing my hands with the opportunity to help give these people a brief smile and many minutes of joy. I also just wish that when we all head back to America that we learn how to live with warm hearts and live with God being a base in our actions."  ~ Alta Jordan (FPC)

"If there is one thing that I have learned in my short stay here on earth it is that routines are terrible. We get so comfortable in our own worlds that we tend to block out the rest. We go to church on Sundays, we make it through the work week; but we never take the time to stop and look around. This trip is a giant breath of fresh air. We are constantly surrounded by people much less fortunate than we are; but we are greeted with smiles and a love that so pure that you are awestruck. Coming down here breaks the routine, it forces you out of your comfort zone and straight into the work of the heavenly Father. To watch the tears stream down a child’s face after you have blessed them with simple hand me down clothes, it’s so fulfilling to know that God has worked through you and you have done holy work that will forever change this child’s life. Yesterday we built a house for a family and were able to build such strong relationships in such a brief time. It’s like saying goodbye to a life long friend. I must remind myself that even though we are leaving, our blessing will continue even while it is painful to leave. I would like to encourage you this week to break up your routine, take a step back look around you and see the love or the pain that surrounds you. Don’t block it out, embrace it! Our God is all around us, all we have to do is stop and look."  ~ Noah Vanderbess 

"So much has happened it is hard to capture the moments.  Today a group of us went on home visits.  We go to see people that have come to Bethel Ministries seeking help.  As a team we go out with a basket of food that will feed a family for a month and a supply of clothes for members of the families.  We spent time listening to their stories, sharing Jesus love and praying.  The first family we visited was with a father who has been a diabetic for 12 years.  He had been sick for 20 days probably because he has not been able to afford his insulin.  His family is close to eviction.  His wife works fulltime and one of his young daughters had dropped out of school to care for him.  Bethel has been providing food for his family for a year but is no longer able to continue.  They are looking for a sponsor to provide the food.  Sponsors commit to $50 per month. His land lady was there and was actually the one that shared he couldn’t pay for his insulin.  She joined us in prayer and was in tears seeking help for this special family.  This was just one of the stories from families we visited today.  The need is great. " ~ Kathy Hill (Grace Presbyterian)



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